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Infratech Management Consultants provide strategic, analytical and project management services for the government agencies and authorities, contractors, development groups, IT organizations, manufacturers, miners, financiers, lawyers, architects, engineers, and sub-contractors.

IMC manages complex undertakings; we understand the risk and constraints of all participants and stakeholders; and we have the skill, sensitivity and energy to work with large teams to make things happen according to plan. Behind each of our assignments there is a constant challenge - to move from an abstract vision, or seemingly intractable issue, to a tangible reality and to keep finding better ways of achieving the desired outcome.Our success in meeting this challenge over many years and in many different environments is due to the quality of our teams. People with the expertise and experience to understand and solve each and every problem, backed by processes that are rigorous and are continually updated to on experience and to meet the demands of changing business and technical environments.

During the past 20 years, our principals have built an enviable reputation for the excellence of their services, for the quality of the outcomes they generate, and for their ability to work flexibly with their client.

Our involvement is tailored to the needs of each assignment, and designed to ensure we make a real contribution, whatever the extent of our involvement.

* We contribute where our services are required most.

* We work closely with clients, so that our services complement their existing skill bases.

* We transfer skill to ensure their benefits of our involvement extend well beyond the period of our immediate association with clients.

We look for solutions that will meet the test of commonsense. IMC's commitment to client outcomes goes beyond finding traditional engineering and technically correct contractual solutions. For IMC, success means to identifying and delivering the appropriate commercial solution for any issue we encounter. We take pride in the fact that our contributions valued for both their practicality and their innovation.

Central to the IMC approach is the philosophy that the best solutions - and the best outcomes - can only come from people who have real depth of experience and the intellectual ability to be effective problem solvers.

IMC is group of carefully chosen and highly qualified management experts, engineers, quantity surveyors, and project managers with extensive hands-on experience in risk management, feasibility studies, design, planning and delivery.

Our people are acknowledged industry leaders in their area of expertise. They are seasoned practitioners who have encountered and solved management issues for many years, and who relish the challenge of thinking laterally and creatively to come up with innovations solutions.

The IMC team is drawn from the region's major contracting and development organizations and senior levels of government, with expertise across the engineering, building, construction, mining, information technology and telecommunication sectors.

Extending well beyond our initial base in project work and the construction industry, Infratech Management Consultants (IMC) now provides full range of management services to many industries, including telecommunication, energy, transport manufacturing and defense.

IMC seeks growth in the volume and diversity of our business, sustained over many years, as a result of repeat business and personal referrals.

IMC was established in January 2000 to help clients transform their visions into a reality of excellence in execution and conformance in completion in completion.

For more than 20 years the company's principals have contributed unique contribution of experience and skills to major initiatives throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea, and in more than a dozen other countries in Asia, the Pacific, Micronesia, and North America.

In that time the principal's have successfully completed assignments throughout Australia, and in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

Over the past 20 years the Principals in IMCs' successful and prolific project delivery owes a lot of their commitment to being innovative and being the best at everything they do.

The early years of the new millennium will be as exciting a time as any of us have ever encountered. Change will be even faster than it has been it the last decade, as we encounter rapid and dynamic transformations in business and technical environments.

Staying successful through this period of accelerating change will require us to work even harder and smarter. More than ever before, the best commercial solution will also be an innovative solution.

At IMC, we know that our unique combination of experience and intellectual ability means we can go on delivering superior outcomes of our clients - no matter what surprises the future holds in store.

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